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Group Reservations

At Jhomana we have recived groups for several years now. Through these years the experience has taught us a lot about what groups want, need and how we can make their stay at Jhomana a true pleasure.

Doesn´t matter if it is a small or a big group, we have recived all kind of different groups. If your group is bigger than 20 persons, you might consider to book at least a couple of months before arriving to Quito to be sure to get rooms to the whole group. At Jhomana we can recive groups up to 45 guests, but if you are a bigger group we will help you to accomondate some of you in an other guesthouse nearby that we always work with. Together we can recive up to 90 guests.

We have recived groups in agees 12-90 years old. They have come from China, South Corea, Colombia, Venuzuela, USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia and many other countries. There have been volunteers, tourists, families who are going to adopt or have adopted children from Ecuador, birdwatchers, climbers, surfers etc. As a reference, year after year we have had the honor to recive many groups from e.g. Alaska Mountain Guides, STA travel, Andean Discovery, Hostelclub.com, Ecuadorguiden.se .

Some things that is good to know about Jhomana Guesthouse:

We always pre check in our groups, that means that you send us names, passport numbers etc and we check you in before you arrive. On arrival to Jhomana the group members walk straight to their rooms and the tour leader sign for the whole group. A group of 20 guests e.g. will be checked in and be comfortable in their rooms within 5-10 minutes.

We can help you to find volunteer projects, arrange any kind of tours including Galapagos, Amazonas, climbing, day tours, domestic flight tickets etc. We also have good contacts if you need transportation. Transportation from 1 pax up to 26 pax in the same vehicle.

We have a big terrace where you can gather to talk. We light torches in the evening if you like and if you like you can also barbeque here, please let us know.

We are situated just 50 meters from Quitos mainroad Av. Amazonas, 5 minuties walk from 3 different hospitals where English always is spooken, 10 minutes walk from a big convenience store and ATMs just around the corner.

Situated on the "wrong side" of Av. Amazonas, Jhomana Guesthouse and its soroundings are very quite, but just 5-10 minutes walk you have all bars, disco´s, restaurants, banks, etc; when you need them.

Next door to Jhomana you find the Mariscal Police station. 

Dont hesitate to contact us!


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I have been leading groups in Ecuador and coming to the Jhomana since 2003. I organize travel groups and mountaineering expeditions to Ecuador. With a spacious rooftop, good Internet, quality breakfast, and friendly staff; Jhomana meets our group needs whether a group of 5 or a group of 20. The secure location is ideally situated off Amazonas Ave. for easy access. With singles, doubles, triples, and dorm style rooms, Jhomana is able to accommodate a wide variety of group needs. Excellent Service! Super Friendly Staff! I highly recommend Jhomana.

Eli Fierer - Director of Operations
Alaska Mountain Guides & Climbing School

We are the leaders of 16 high schoolers. We came to Ecuador for a month long trip complete with outdoor experiences and service projects. We stayed at Jhomana when we flew into Quito and then multiple times during our trip. It was great "coming home" every time we stayed at Jhomana.

We felt comfortable and safe here with all of our kids, everyone was so friendly, and the rooms were great. The kids were always excited to come back to a place in which they felt at home. We definitely recommend Jhomana if your looking for a welcoming, safe, and comfortable place to stay!

Rachel Solomon and Steve Morris
Summer trip counselors/leaders

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