Study Spanish

Study Spanish here at Jhomana. Our teacher has been teaching the Spanish language for foreigners for more than 10 years.

1 to 8 weeks,100 minutes 3 times per week or/and intensive course 1 to 4 times per week (100 minutes every day). Nice environment. The classes are personalized and we are very flexible regarding your schedule which means that you can plan your schedule after that you have booked your tours with us. We belive that you should not forget about that you are a tourist just because you choose to study Spanish for a while.

Book a plan and you will get a free city tour.Ask about plans with accommodation. Test your Spanish level. Its a swedish web site but the test is in Spanish and the result is presented in English: http://www.esl.se/se/info/test-i-spanska.htm Click on the "Starta Testet" buttom!

For more information and specific prices, please contact us!